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Candy Bar
Balck and baby blue decorations
Candy Table
Beautiful Quinceanera!
Candy Bar!
My cake!
Reception hall table
Decorations ready for the wedding
Another Candy Table
Turquise and green decorations
We can customize your centerpiece
La Onda Banquet Hall #2
Quinceanera time!
Purple table linens look great!
Custom-made themed cakes
Time for the reception!
Chose from many colors
Gold and red Quinceanera party
Would you like a fruit tray?
Banquet hall in black & blue
Gorgeous cake!
Who is hungry?!
Our bar
Beautiful reception
Salon entrance area
Vibrant decorations
Bride & Groom's wedding party table
Special head table
Dressing room
Private changing rooms
All set up for tonight's event.
State of the art dancing lights
Candy table!
Fabulous centerpiece
20141206_145931 - Copy.jpg
Our beautiful banquet hall
Festive tables tonight
Head table
Banquet hall


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